About Traditional Piano

Acoustic piano makes its sound from the natural acoustics of covered hammers hitting high-tensile metal strings. An acoustic piano (also known as traditional piano) usually has a wooden case surrounding the soundboard and metal strings, and a row of 88 black and white keys. The strings are sounded when the keys are pressed, and silenced when the keys are released. The tone and touch of an acoustic piano is usually far superior than a digital piano.It creates a natural resonance in the room where they are played.

Type of Traditional Piano

An acoustic piano typically comes in two basic styles: a grand piano and an upright (or vertical) piano. In grand pianos, the frame and strings are horizontal, with the strings extending away from the keyboard. There are many sizes of grand piano: the concert grand (about 7–10 feet) or boudoir grand (about 6–7 feet) and the smaller baby grand (around 5 feet). Upright pianos are more compact because the frame and strings are vertical. The hammers move horizontally and return to their resting position via springs. At Recon Piano, we sell mostly upright pianos like Yamaha and Kawai upright pianos. Having said that, we have good network overseas to source for the finest grand pianos at best dealer price if you or your company need to, just contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you shortly.


Grand pianos are generally called horizontal pianos because their strings are arranged in horizontal position inside piano. It is normally the most admired of piano type mainly because it looks great and deflects the sound if the top is raised. The width of the grand pianos varies from 4’ 5″ to 9′ 6″.

  • Baby Grand – Perfect fit for living room, her size is from 5′ – 5′ 6″
  • Semi-Concert Pianos – a.k.a. ballroom pianos. The size is from 6′ 5″ to 7′ 5″
  • Concert Grand – It’s the largest type of piano. Its size is from 7′ 6″ to 9′ 6″

vertical piano Upright (vertical) pianos has their soundboard and strings run vertically and taking less floor space than normal grand piano. There are four types of vertical pianos, based on piano height varies from 36″ to 50″: Spinet, Console, Studio, and Upright. The height of piano does makes a difference in term of quality of sound produced.

  • Spinet – the smallest vertical piano, Its size is from 35″ to 37″.
  • Console – It’s size is from 40″ to 43″ and popularly used at home.
  • Studio – It’s size is from 44″ to 47″.
  • Upright – It’s size is from 36″ to 60″ and mostly used in country music.


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