Barratt & Robinson Piano

Barratt & Robinson 121 Malaysia


Barratt & Robinson established in 1877 in London England. It was bought over in 1996 by Mr Hoe Tuck Wah from Musical Products Sdn Bhd – The First and Only Piano factory in Malaysia since 1972.Mr Hoe came from a family of 4 generations of piano manufacturing. Among pianos being produced are Challen, Barratt and Robison and C.Steinbert.


Interview with Mr Hoe Tuck Wah – Pioneer of Malaysia Piano Manufacturer



The Barratt & Robinson pianos since it’s introduction in London, has quickly became well known across the world of music for it’s tone quality. Within the last 40 years, the company has achieved numerous international level of quality awards where their piano are well known in Iran, England, China and Australia. Among prestige gold awards won including PARIS 1878 Gold Medal and London 1911 Gold Medal.Currently, these pianos manufacturing have been moved to Shanghai, China.


Special Features of Barratt & Robinson Piano

  • Dirt and stains resistance surface
  • Imported Alaskan Spruce soundboard (high quality and durable)
  • All pianos personally regulated, fine-tuned and inspected for perfection
  • Uniform, well balanced and highly responsive piano keys
  • Clear and rich tones for both practitioners and performers


Two of the most popular models currently available are Barratt & Robinson 121 and Barratt & Robinson 132 – both are upright models. These are brand new pianos below RM20K that are good alternatives to second hand pianos made by Yamaha or Kawai.


Barrat & Robinson (Upright) Model 121

Price: RM17XXX (inclusive GST)

Technical review by Ross Afiffin


Barrat & Robison 121 Piano Demo



Other Models Available

Barrat & Robinson (Upright) Model 125 – Price: RM18XXX (inclusive GST) ** out of stock

Barrat & Robinson (Upright) Model 132 – Price: RM22XXX (inclusive GST)