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We understand the challenges and frustration one easily gets in searching for piano to buy. There are many technical details to understand and factors to consider before making the buying decision. Purchasing a piano is not cheap and considered quite a long term investment, easily for at least five to ten years. That is the reason why we added this blog section, to give useful information that will help you making better decision.

If you find any of the articles is useful to you, feel free to share them or give us some feedback. Shall you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to find Kawai piano age

Kawai Piano Model, Serial Number and Age

The model and serial number of Kawai piano is printed on your warranty card and the receipt when you bought the piano ...
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Chopin Competition 2015

Chopin Competition

The International Chopin Piano Competition, frequently described as the Chopin Competition, is a piano competitions held in Warsaw, Poland. It was started ...
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Finding Piano Lessons For Your Children

Are you having trouble to find piano lessons or teachers for your children in Malaysia? We have some guidelines here that might help. Musical ...
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where to find yamaha piano serial number

Yamaha Piano Model, Serial Number and Age Lookup

Whether you want to buy or sell a used or new piano; model number, serial number and age of piano ...
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ABRSM exam

Piano Exam For Malaysian

Piano exam put performance at the core of the examination. Overall there are 8 piano grades and each grade has a broad option ...
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buy used or new piano guide

Buying New Piano Or Used Piano

Getting a new piano or used piano? For both options, first time shopper usually faced a lot of challenges. Hence, ...
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Why You Need Piano Tuning and When

Many factors can cause acoustic pianos to go out of tune, particularly atmospheric changes like humidity and temperature. Frequent and hard playing may also ...
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piano brands malaysia selection guide

Popular Piano Brands in Malaysia

Though there are many piano brands available internationally, the most commonly owned piano brands by Malaysian are Yamaha, Kawai (classic ...
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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buying a Piano

There is a lot thinking to do when you need to buy a piano. You might be wondering, should I choose from ...
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