Buying New Piano Or Used Piano

Buy New piano Or Used PianoGetting a new piano or used piano? For both options, first time shopper usually faced a lot of challenges. Hence, we outlined few important steps to take before making the purchase decision.

Step#1: Go to the store and try out the pianos

In most cases, this is not the type of a purchase that can be made cheaply. For that reason, the first step is driving around and trying out a variety of them and ask about their price for both new and used pianos. There is no other way to find out how each key responds to the user’s touch without physically testing out the instrument. The purchase is a long term investment, not something that should be bought spontaneously and cannot be replaced easily.


Step#2 Decide On Buying New or Used Piano

Many people may choose to go to a professional retail outlets because they have many new pianos, wide variety of choices in regards to how the instrument looks and feels and their brands and models. In addition, consumer can choose the colour and finish style of the cabinet that fit their home decoration. Buying brand new also means that this instrument is in its best condition, comes with a comprehensive warranty, and can be assured to last for generations to come. Along with this, most outlets will also offer the buyer a complementary tuning. For used piano, you may check out Yamaha used piano and Kawai used piano page for list of reconditioned models available in Malaysia


Step#3 Decide on Piano brand and model

Regardless it is new or used unit, user still have to choose their preference brand and model. Of course the availability of models for used piano is very much limited as compared to new; but the price differences can be major factor to go for used piano. You can find out more about popular used piano brands and models sold in Malaysia as a mean to narrow down your choices.


Step#4 Lookout for sales on used units 

Most retail outlets offer a wide variety of used units (“recon”) for sale, these are second hand piano units or units used in piano centers for exam certification. While the options may be limited, the deals are sure to be great and prices substantially less than brand new. Along with this, professional outlets always have their refurbished units come with a dealer’s warranty.


Step#5 Compare price and get the best saving

5.1 Buying from distributors
Apart from retail outlets, used pianos can be also purchased in much lower price from distributors whom import bulk quantity of reconditioned pianos from foreign countries. We happen to be one of them, all our used pianos are imported from Japan. Units sold through distributors usually come with free first tuning, transportation and few years seller warranty as well. The only setback is they might not have the piano models in display; but again you can save hundreds to maybe thousands of ringgit for that.

5.2 Buying from private seller
Lastly, some consumers may choose to look for a private seller, from marketplaces like or social network like facebook . The reasons are normally purely monetary. A privately sold instrument will be often cheaper than the one sold at a store, but could be about the price of getting it from distributors. However, it is vital that the buyer try out the instrument before buying it and that means travelling to the seller’s house with piano evaluator. Obviously there is no choices in the finish or the colour of the piano as it will be sold as it is. Moving costs are usually handled by the buyer but please remember to confirm that with seller. Complimentary tuning and warranty are usually not included, yet it is up for negotiation.

We hope this article has helped you in some way in your piano purchase decision. If you need more details steps, I recommend you to check out this e-book on