Casio CTK-2200 Keyboard

Casio CTK 2200 Keyboard Malaysia

Casio CTK-2200 Digital Keyboard is our No#1 recommended budget series keyboard, not only it has the most features and tones among the Casio keyboard (budget series), it also offers fun way to learn music.


  • 61 vital piano design keyboard with 400 tones
  • 150 rhythms and 110 developed in songs
  • Sampling function and usb
  • Casio’s popular step-up lesson system
  • 10 reverb impacts, one touch presets and automobile accompaniment

Included Accessories

  • Music rest
  • 9.5 v Power adapter
  • Instruction handbook
  • Music songbook

Retail Price: RM775 (Contact us for best offer including shipment if you are out of Penang)


CTK-2200 Vs CTK-1100

  • 48 polyphony vs 12 polyphony
  • 400 tones vs 100 tones
  • One touch preset
  • Auto Sampling
  • USB to host
  • Foot Switch
  • Audio Inputs
  • Built-in lessons

*That are lots of features in CTK-2200 as compared to CTK-1100 and the price differences is less than RM100, go for CTK-2200!

Demo of CTK-2200 features – one touch preset

Casio CTK-2200 Digital Keyboard

The CTK-2200 is an excellent first keyboard that has everything you have to begin making music. It has 61 full-size secrets and a wide range of sounds and accompaniment designs to delight in. The integrated lessons will teach any starting keyboard player new tunes and introduce them to music in an enjoyable and interactive way.

The keyboard has its own stereo speaker system and can also be played utilizing headphones. A power adapter is included and the keyboard will likewise run on 6 AA batteries.

Integrated Lessons and Games

The CTK-2200 consists of Casio’s Step Up Lesson function. This is a simple to utilize music teaching system that shows you how to play any of the 110 integrated tunes. In addition to the built-in lessons, the Music Challenge video game helps you enhance your note finding abilities on the keyboard.

61 full-size keys – The secrets on the CTK-2200 are the exact same shapes and size as those on a standard piano. This is essential for learning and encourages the appropriate hand shape and finger positions.

There are also layered sounds: picking these makes the keyboard play 2 various sounds at when. The keyboard also has percussion sounds and sound impacts that can be played using the keys. The 150 Automatic Accompaniments can be utilized to offer a backing band; adding drums, bass and other instruments to your performance.

CTK-2200 LCD Display
One Touch Presets make setting up easy. Simply choose the design of accompaniment you want to use, such as Pop, Hip Hop or Dance and the One Touch Preset will choose an ideal melody sound for you. An LCD Display programs all the vital info you require, such as which noise and accompaniment style is chosen. All these levels can be altered at journalism of a button. The display likewise reveals the notes you play as musical notation or chord signs.

Connect your preferred audio device to the Audio Input socket and hear the noise through the CTK-2200’s stereo speakers. The keyboard’s built-in noises can be heard at the very same time, permitting you to play in addition to the music.

Audio Sampling – Connect any music or a microphone player to the audio input and you can tape-record your voice or a preferred tune clip into the keyboard. You can then utilize this recording as an additional sound and even make it into part of a drum beat.

CTK-2200 Voice and Style Buttons
The Transpose feature makes it possible to play a tune in any essential, which is ideal for accompanying singers or other instruments.

Voice Pads – Need some backing singers? 5 devoted buttons enable you to include extra vocal noises to your music. You can use the built-in vocal phrases and even tape your very own.

The CTK-2200 consists of various Chord Modes. Total novices will take pleasure in having the ability to play chords with simply one finger. Experienced players can change to full chord mode for more innovative consistencies, consisting of variable bass notes.

A USB socket lets you link the keyboard to a suitable computer or tablet. With extra software application it is possible to make up, print and tape your very own music using the CTK-2200.


Why CTK-2200 is the BEST Standard Keyboard (Budget series)

1. Improved sound quality and keyboard feel

All built-in tones, consisting of piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound much better than ever before! 48-tone maximum polyphony provides a lot of margin to decrease the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered when playing with Auto Accompaniment.

Piano-style keyboard
An easy-to-play keyboard with an appearance appearing like that of an acoustic piano.

Digital effects
Use results to add reverb for more depth and breadth in your music.

2. Makes music more enjoyable than ever previously

Sampling function
You can sample a sound from a portable audio gamer or other device, and then play the noise on the keyboard. You likewise can utilize tested noises to make up music. The sampling function is a terrific way to produce new noises that are highly creative.

Audio In jack
Link a digital audio gamer, CD player, or other audio gadget and you can play in addition to music played through the keyboard’s speakers.

Music Challenge
Check your response with an exercise that is similar to playing a game!

3. Effective lesson functions!

New lesson works guide you along the method to music proficiency
To master a tune, it is advisable to break it up into short phrases, master each of the phrases, and then put everything together. Step Up Lesson does exactly that, providing you with the assistance you have to improve your play.

Efficiency Evaluation
Your lesson score appears on the display screen.

Voice Fingering Guide
If the keyboard senses you are having problems, it will assist you by calling out finger numbers in a simulated human voice.

4. Play music from around the globe.

A broad selection of tones (400 premium tones). A large selection of musical instrument tones supports play of tunes from numerous genres. 150 rhythms and Auto Accompaniments for Latin music and other styles from all over the world (150 rhythms including 55 ethnic rhythms and 20 patterns for piano play).

An innovative Auto Accompaniment feature provides you with access to a huge collection of ethnic rhythms from around the globe, with a special emphasis on Latin rhythms. In addition to Bossa Nova, Samba, and other standard rhythms, you likewise get Cumbia, Reggaeton, Calypso, and more!

Musical Information Function (LCD). 

A wealth of details is displayed to support your keyboard play.

USB port for computer connection *.
General MIDI (GM Level 1) assistance enables connection with a computer system or another GM-compatible gadget.