Casio CTK-240 Portable Keyboard 49 key

Casio CTK-240 Malaysia

The CTK-240 electronic keyboard from Casio is a perfect starter keyboard for any fledgling young artist. With 100 tones and 100 accompaniment designs, the CTK-240 prepares to motivate your kid’s initial steps in music making. In spite of being too huge for a school bag the CTK-240 is the perfect starter instrument for all newbies. It has 49 basic secrets (4 octaves) and is best for integrating enjoyable with major knowing. 100 tones, 100 rhythms and 50 tunes all provide themselves to useful music lessons.
Even the design of the CTK design is incredibly outstanding: slimline, slim and black – it is a gorgeous piece of innovation.

Product Features

  • 49 full-size keys, 50 tune bank tunes, compact setup
  • Tune on/off lesson function
  • 100 quality tones
  • 100 flexible rhythms with auto-accompaniment
  • Easy-to-read screen (lcd).

Main Features In Details

Lightweight and Portable, the CTK-240’s compact design consists of an integrated dual speaker system which is ideal for delighting in music anywhere the household might be. A 9.5 v power adapter is consisted of and the keyboard can likewise be powered utilizing 6 AA batteries. When you want to play without interrupting the rest of the household, headsets can likewise be linked.

Keyboard with 49 full-size keys, which can be utilized to play any tune you pick. It is likewise possible to utilize the keyboard to play left hand chords and bring your efficiency alive with amazing automatic accompaniments. You can likewise play along to any of the 50 integrated tunes.

CTK-240 is Perfect Entry Level Keyboard for Kids

Explore 50 Songs

The CTK-240 has a large library of built-in songs to listen to, including favorites such as Jingle Bells and Silent Night to Auld Lang Syne and London Bridge. Every song includes additional instrument tracks that play along with the primary tune, as if you were in the middle of a virtual orchestra. Each song can be played as sluggish or quick as you want and it is likewise possible to silence the melody track so that you can play it on the keyboard.

100 rhythms included

Each of the 100 rhythms include a support track of bass, drums and other accompanying instruments that follow the notes you play in the chord location of the keyboard. The volume of the support track can be differed and you can include intriguing variations to the drum track using the Fill-In button.

Learn how to Play Melodies and Chords with Automatic Accompaniment.

As the integrated tunes, you can likewise play your own tunes and include chords to them. Automatic accompaniments produce instantaneous supports that follow the notes that you have fun with your left hand.

Casio CTK-240 Specifications

  • A Beat Indicator – Gives you a visual overview of the beat and timing of the music.
  • CTK-240 LCD Display – An LCD show programs all the necessary info, such as the picked tone, pace, chord name and tune choice.
  • Auto-Accompaniment: Yes.
  • Secret Transpose: Yes.
  • Polyphony (optimum): 12.
  • Pre-programmed Tones: 100.
  • Rhythms: 100.
  • Tunes: 50.
  • Tuning Control: Yes.
  • Size (W × D × H): 914 × 237 × 75 mm.
  • Weight: 2.9 kg.
  • Batteries: AA-size × 6.

 Retail Price: RM 430

Review of Casio CTK-240 Keyboard