used kawai piano malaysiaKawai was founded by Koichi Kawai in 1927 with a vision to raise the bar of quality as well as excellence in piano creating. This vision is continued today by Koichi’s grand son, Hirotaka. Its renowned Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory embraces exploration of new ideas, designs and materials which help Kawai to continually deliver towards the high level of piona standards today. Today, Kawai pianos are known as the instrument of choice used by students, teachers, churches, pianists, and piano enthusiasts world wide.

Yamaha manufactures all types of musical instruments while Kawai specializes on building beautiful pianos with unprecedented quality. Kawai pianos emphasize on level of tone, which can make bass notes deeper as well as treble notes softer. It used lighter and plastic or carbon-fiber materials to improve durability and ease of piano play. Kawai’s action allows increased resistance inside your keystroke and a quicker return. This allows you to definitely play incredibly soft tones while quickly playing trills or repetitive notes using the utmost clarity.

Pianos are made of a many moving parts designed with the aim of maintaining precision and balance while delivering an array of dynamics. Such precision is compromised on conventional wooden parts when humidity and temperature change. Most people experienced playing a piano with sticky or even sluggish keys but this is unlikely to happen to Kawai piano as it was built using composite materials. This gives the owner of the Kawai piano a more pleasing touch and enjoyable overall performance with the increased of years.

Kawai grand and upright pianos models are differentiated by its size, quality, appearance and cost. Some of the professional upright models available includes K, KS, KU, BL, CL, and US Series. For grand or baby grand pianos, commonly found models are GE, KG, GS and RX series. Availability of these used pianos could be vary at different months of the year depends on supply from Japan and their price also vary even for the same model as it depends on many factors like age of the piano, restoration works and overall quality performance of an individual piano. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your budget range and which model you are interested.

Editor's Tip
Newer model of Kawai pianos can have either a mellow or bright sound unlike in the past (only mellow). Kawai’s that are mellower have an S suffix (KG2S or RX2S) and the brighter ones have an E on the end (KG2E)