Kawai US50

Kawai US50 Used Piano MalaysiaKawai US series is newer than the BL series. Kawai US50 is one of the most popular and best selling upright piano ever sold. It is the most affordable “super upright” piano that is closest to grand piano and widely used by professional institutions or during grand concerts. It has ultra-responsive action, extra power, grand piano style music rack and rich tone. Grab second hand piano of this model if you are serious professional player.

Kawai US50 Sound Check


  • Origin / Import: Japan
  • Dimension: 131(H) x 154(W) x 66(D) cm
  • Weight about ~265kg
  • 88-notes
  • 3 pedals together with observe pedal
  • Black Polished finishing

Package deal contains:

  • 5 years warranty on components
  • 1 unit of Piano Bench
  • 1 unit of Heater
  • 1 unit of Piano Keys Cover
  • FREE piano delivery and first time Piano Tuning