Keyboard & Digital Piano

portable-keyboardKeyboards are great learning tool for beginners and suitable for those who are on tight budget, frequent move or living in smaller apartment as they are small and portable. They usually weigh less than 20 lb, have 61 or 76 keys and many come with pre-loaded songs and lessons you can play along. We sell many model of CASIO entry level keyboard piano starting from few hundred ringgit only. The benefit of these keyboards are:

  • Light and plastic-feel
  • Highly customizable sound through effects, layering and EQ adjustment
  • Unleash your creativity through hundred of rhythms, styles and effects
  • Multi-track recording and computer connectivity
  • Cost between RM300-RM2000 depending on keyboard size, brand, and features

digital piano Digital pianos are electronic devices that produce sound of piano note using chips and speakers instead of strings. They can include pedals, weighted keys, multiple voices, and MIDI interface which allows you to connect to computer. It is alternative to acoustic piano in term of cost and space-effectiveness. Early digital pianos tended to lack a full set of pedals but this had been replicated through synthesis software in the later Yamaha Clavinova series.

  • Weight from 10-30 kg
  • Come with 61, 76, or 88 keys
  • Keys feel more like an acoustic piano
  • Sound more like traditional piano
  • Cost between the price of RM 2000-RM 6000


Sometimes, the terms of “keyboards” and “digital pianos” are used interchangeably. While the term “electric keyboard” can be used to mean both, there are differences between portable keyboards and digital pianos. These differences come down to size, features, and money. Some of the most well known brand names for keyboards and electric pianos are Clavinova, Yamaha, Casio, Roland, and Korg.