Piano Exam For Malaysian

ABRSM examPiano exam put performance at the core of the examination. Overall there are 8 piano grades and each grade has a broad option of collection that covers all the essential abilities needed at that level. There is no age restriction to undertake the exams. For students who have been overloaded in study for an exam for more than a term or two, it can sometimes be difficult to remain focus on the task in hand and to remember why one is taking piano exam.


What is the purpose of Piano Exams?

Exams with trustworthy examination boards supply a dependable measurement of individual development and requirement versus globally acknowledged standards. Enough time need to be invested to establish technical and musical abilities in between examinations so that a student is well-prepared for the designated grade.

Pre-requisites to taking piano test:

There are no pre-requisites for grades 1-5 piano examinations. Grade 5 Theory of Music or Practical musicianship should be accomplished prior to sitting for the grades 6-8 piano examinations.

Distinction Between ABRSM and Trinity

ABRSM and Trinity.are two most common piano test taken by Malaysian. ABRSM includes reputable music colleges in the UK, particularly the Royal College of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Trinity Guildhall examinations are carried out by Trinity College London, likewise a well-reputed music college in the UK. They have somewhat various demands however typically show a comparable requirement to ABRSM tests.

ABRSM or Trinity Exam?

Trinity is now ending up being more extensively accepted and identified, so many music colleges and things aren’t fussed about which board you utilize. If you are truly musical, Trinity is much better in understanding musical skill.

The sight reading is practically the exact same requirement for both, and the aural tests are relatively various from each other – you would need to attempt both great deals of aural tests to see which you discovered simpler – personally i discover trinity guildhall tests much easier since there’s less concentrate on singing or clapping a tune back, and more concentrate on the character of the music and cadences. For ABRSM there have to do with a million scales and arpeggios which are a discomfort to practice, however will enhance your strategy.

Both ABRSM and Trinity are simply as tough. I would choose depending upon which curriculum you discover finest for you, and whether you like the option of pieces that year.

ABRSM Piano Exams

ABRSM is the UK’s biggest music education body, among its biggest music publishers and the world’s leading company of music examinations, providing evaluations to more than 630,000 prospects in 93 nations every year.

ABRSM’s objective is to influence accomplishment in music. In collaboration with the Royal Schools of Music, they support premium music-making and talents discovering around the globe. They provide paths and resources for students and instructors that assist construct musical abilities, offer objectives and motivate development.

ABRMS Piano Exams include 3 pieces (selected by the prospect from the proper lists in the existing curriculum), arpeggios and scales, sight-reading and aural tests. Overall marks in all specific practical examinations are 150. 100 marks are needed to accomplish Pass, 120 marks to pass with Merit and 130 marks to pass with Distinction.There are total of 8 piano grades of evaluation, information about each piano levels can be found here.

ABRSM care about the value of overall musicianship and this forms the basis of their tests. To end up being an overall artist students require a variety of interlocking abilities – in efficiency, method, notation, and listening and musical understanding – along with imagination and understanding. More details, please check out ABRSM Malaysia website.

How To Grade A Test:

Overall marks in all specific Practical tests are 150, which consists of:

  1. 3 pieces with 1 piece selected from list A, B and C (30 x 3 = 90 marks)
  2. Sight-reading (21 marks)
  3. Arpeggios & scales (21 marks) – test precision of notes/pitch, tone control and response
  4. Aural tests (18 marks) – test your listening

Trinity Music Exams

Trinity music tests first took location in Malaysia as early as 1921. Due to the 2nd world war, the tests were cut off and just in the 1960s did Trinity return to newly-independent Malaysia.

Presently, Trinity music examinations are provided in over 35 public centers throughout Malaysia. We are the No. 1 option for music diplomas and delight in an enhancing assistance for our suite of graded and certification examinations. Check out their Exam Calendar 2016 and their Exam Fee & Dates (Y2016).


Yamaha Piano Course (YMC)

If you are planning to pursue the piano exams, Yamaha Piano Course (YPC) is one of the good music center offering comprehensive and high quality of training.

Their curriculum has all the aspects of a thorough and holistic music education in establishing students’ musical level of sensitivity and offering a strong musical capability and piano efficiency ability from initial to sophisticated level. YPC Teachers have at least the minimum music credentials. Find out more here >> . If you need to upgrade your piano to prepare for higher grade exam, we do buy used piano for resell.