Piano Services

Through years of experience in piano restoration, relocating, selling and servicing, we have established a wide network of partnership with few trustworthy suppliers and music centers that provide high quality of piano services including:

Piano Restoration: Quality of used pianos are carefully examined and restored by our piano specialists in Japan before transported to Malaysia. It includes everything necessary to make the piano look like new inside out, as well as play like it did the day it was made.

Piano Repair: We offer free inspections to our customers’ piano and will advice them accordingly on parts that need to be repaired or replaced with minor repairs can be done at home.

Piano Tuning:  piano-tuning-service-malaysiaIn order to get optimum performance from your piano, it should be properly serviced during its lifetime to compensate environmental conditions and use. We suggest that your instrument be tuned two to four times the first year, twice the second year followed by minimum once annually thereafter. We offer piano tuning services for new and used piano for any brands by our piano tuners at affordable cost. Our tuners are well trained in tuning and making adjustments to the tensions of the strings until the pitch is corrected.

Piano Moving: A Piano is not just a piece of furniture, but a musical instrument that need to be handled with the absolute maximum care. When you have to to move your piano, please entrust it to our skilled professor piano movers whom have years of experience moving all type and sizes of pianos. They are professional piano movers possess the right piano moving techniques, take pride in their skill, and care about your pianos.

Piano Evaluation: There might be time when you plan to sell your piano or trade-in for a new one and evaluation might be a good idea to get an estimated value of your piano. You can either do this yourself using the free virtual appraisal tool or get in touch with us for an on-site piano evaluation by our qualified piano technician.

Piano Lessons: We offer free online piano lessons for beginners at our website. However, if you are serious about piano learning and ready to move into next level, we do offer paid piano teacher services. Rates of piano lessons vary depends on piano teacher qualification, experiences and location.

Piano Renting: We provide piano renting service in Klang valley area with minimum renting of 6 months. Special rental promotion rate as below:

  • RM150 / month for 6 months rental
  • RM 99 / month for 1 year rental