Schonbrunn Piano

Schonbrunn logoSchonbrunn piano started in Eisenberg, Germany in 1877 and currently being manufactured by Yichang Jinbao Musical Instrument Manufacturing company in Yichang, China. The pianos are made under ideal weather in Yichang and supervised under professional technicians from Steinway USA and Young Chang factory in Korea.



How Does it Sounds and Feels?

Not only it has the feels and superb sounds of German with rich European tone, it has a great look at very reasonable price. Schonbrunn pianos maintain the traditional German piano-making features of rich and warm tones with great looking finishing touch. It has bell-like treble, deep rich bass tones and perfectly balanced actions that meet the need of both beginner and advance pianists.


Why should I consider Schonbrunn Piano?

With Schonbrunn Piano, you can get high quality German sound and feel piano at very low price due to fact that it was manufactured in China. Quality remain high standard with tight supervision and that is why many units have been sold to professional players in London institutions.


Demo of Schonbrunn Piano


Schonbrunn Piano Models

SCHöNBRUNN XG-162 (Grand Piano)RM 38,900
SCHöNBRUNN XG-177 (Grand Piano)RM 53,800
SCHöNBRUNN XO1  (Upright Piano)RM 17,600
SCHöNBRUNN XO126 (Upright Piano)RM 16,800
SCHöNBRUNN XO132 (Upright Piano)RM 22,900

* All Price Indicated Is Inclusive Of GST

What is in the package

* 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
* New Adjustable Stool
* New Key Cover
* New Heater
* New Custor Cup
* Two times F.O.C Tuning (One time F.O.C tuning for out of Klang Valley Area)
* Free Delivery in Klang Valley Only (Excluding moving up/down stairs and out station charges)