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Common asked questions about piano

Kawai Piano Model, Serial Number and Age

How to find Kawai piano age

The model and serial number of Kawai piano is printed on your warranty card and the receipt when you bought the piano from Kawai retailer from your local area. In case you need to sell or buy second hand piano but didn’t have…

Buying New Piano Or Used Piano

buy used or new piano guide

Getting a new piano or used piano? For both options, first time shopper usually faced a lot of challenges. Hence, we outlined few important steps to take before making the purchase decision. Step#1: Go to the store and try out the pianos…

Why You Need Piano Tuning and When


Many factors can cause acoustic pianos to go out of tune, particularly atmospheric changes like humidity and temperature. Frequent and hard playing may also cause a piano to be out of tune. For these reasons, many piano manufacturers suggest that new pianos be tuned 4…