The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buying a Piano

Complete Idiot Guide To Buying A PianoThere is a lot thinking to do when you need to buy a piano. You might be wondering, should I choose from New or Used piano? Digital or Acoustic piano? Traditional upright or Grand piano? These can be overwhelming almost to anyone. Furthermore, piano buyers are often new to piano manufacturer brand, models, materials or price ranges, challenges faced are just as many as buying a new car.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buying a Piano is my recommendation to anyone considering getting a piano, regardless it is traditional or computerized. The book has comprehensive coverage of all of the important topics and include sufficient write-up to help reader understand why certain type of pianos are more expensive than another.

The author also explained well about parts and terminology of a piano so that reader will not be bombasted by jargon from the salesman. Apart from describing the differences between different types of pianos, he also described their relative strengths and weaknesses, to keep reader informed before making a purchase decision.

Personally, I feel that the most helpful section of the book is where the author wrote in regards to the shopping and dealing experience with piano salespeople. This really help to get reader prepared psychologically for making informed decision when buying a piano. In term of the content arrangement and, it is organized logically in the sequence that is easy for newbies. I strongly recommending this book to all potential pianos buyers, grab the kindle version for just a few bucks and get yourself educated and prepared; rather than regret later after making the wrong purchase decision or being cheated.

This book will definitely save buyers time, money, and most importantly frustration during the pianos buying process. I wish all of you have a pleasant and enjoyable piano buying experience!