Used Kawai Pianos

There are few common Used Kawai Piano Models and they are classified by their quality, features, height, manufacturing dates and cost. Most of them have their heights range between 48” to 52”. Listed are some series and models commonly sourced after in Malaysia:

  • K Series: K3, K5, K6, K8
  • BL Series: BL12, BL31, BL51, BL61, BL71
  • US Series: US50, US55, US60, US70, US80

Kawai K-Series:

The K Series upright pianos offer reliable tone quality and superior sound quality that matches many grand pianos. They are used commonly in schools, institution or even auditoriums. It uses Millennium III Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, which make the action parts lighter without sacrificing strength. Hence, making repetition and responsive fast and effortless. It also uses new soft fall system that protects hands, fingers and the pianos finish from sudden close. There will be double casters for K3, K5, K6 and K8 models. From environment friendly perspective, the weight used in the keys has been changed from lead to iron. If you need comparison against Yamaha, listed are some common Kawai K-Series pianos with their comparison against Yamaha U-Series in Malaysia.

  • Kawai K3 ~ Yamaha U1
  • Kawai K6 ~ Yamaha U3
  • Kawai K8 ~ Yamaha U5

Kawai BL-Series:

The BL Series offers rich bass and tenor section, they are one of Kawai’s top range acoustic piano. It is manufactured in Japan between 1971 and 1980 and reconditioned to mint playing condition before sold as used set. The higher the number goes, the taller the piano gets, hence BL 71 is higher than BL 31.

Kawai US-Series:

US50, US55, US60, US70 and US75 are great Professional Studio Piano that was one of Kawai’s best kept secrets. They are actually the predecessor models to the US6X/US8X which was the predecessor of the K80 which was the predecessor to the present K8. All of them have are 52″ tall and performs very well against any other Kawai Studio Upright. Their action is medium with a lively but clear sound. They have grand style fall board, rounded case design and large full size music desk, which is unique feature of the series. All our used pianos has been tuned, restored, and polished to mint condition before imported from Japan gray market into Malaysia. If you are looking for good quality second hand piano at dealer prices, do contact us.