Used Yamaha Pianos

There are far less Used Yamaha Piano Models available in Malaysia as compared to Kawai. Generally, there are only 2 popular series of acoustic pianos and few commonly bought grand piano. Listed are some of the commonly available models:

  • U-Series: U1, U2, U3, UX1, UX2, UX3
  • Y-Series: YUX
  • Grand Piano: G2, G3E, C1, C3, C7, CF


Yamaha U-Series:

Yamaha U Series upright pianos is a widely used in music centers, piano certification and professional musicians. It has great tone performance, touch and durability.

U1 Vs U3

The main difference between Yamaha U1 (48″ height) and a Yamaha U3 (52” height) is that the U3 is 10cm taller and a little bit deeper. With that advantage, U3 has richer and more resonant tone.

U-Series Vs UX-Series

As compared to U-Series, all UX Series pianos are made using higher grade of wood on their hammers and dampers. They have added the famous X bracing on the back, giving it extra strength to construction of the piano. UX also have longer bass strings despite having the same height.

Yamaha Y-Series:

Yamaha Y Series is a hand-crafted limited edition pianos manufactured in the latest 1970’s. They are considered by piano professionals as some of the best vertical piano in the world. Yamaha YUX is a 52″ professional upright model with a touch and tone that matching a grand piano! Having bright and clear sound, one will be addicted to play on it days and nights. No Worry! It has with a mute pedal.


We have wide variety of used Yamaha piano imported from Japan, used model from exam centers and some resale models from local users who upgraded to grand piano. If you are interested to invest in good quality pianos, feel free to contact us.


Check out the video below on the wonderful sound from Yamaha YUX: