Why You Need Piano Tuning and When

piano-tuning-service-malaysiaMany factors can cause acoustic pianos to go out of tune, particularly atmospheric changes like humidity and temperature. Frequent and hard playing may also cause a piano to be out of tune. For these reasons, many piano manufacturers suggest that new pianos be tuned 4 times at the beginning and two times per year thereafter. For countries without four seasons like Malaysia, it is still require to have piano tuning done at least once a year.

Reasons For Routine Piano Tuning

  • Regular piano tunings can prevent damage to neighboring pieces
  • Piano tuners can inform you problems before evolving into major damages
  • Less tuning required as the pitch doesn’t stray off easily
  • Save you money from corrective treatments like pitch-raising or double-tuning

When To Ask for Piano Tuning

  • The sound is not in harmony
  • The note sound dull or piercing
  • There are noticeable mechanical sounds when playing
  • The keys are sluggish or slow to return to their position

Tuning is undoubtedly an art and requires the specialized skills of trained personnel. Only certified piano technicians are trained to adjust the tuning pins of each and every string for its correct right pitch.

We specialize in tuning all type of pianos including grands and upright pianos and competitively priced.

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