WILH. STEINBERG are high quality and fine German pianos made since 1877. Their piano still maintain high status among piano makers with impressive quality and elegant designs.

Over 135 years of piano making experience and expertise are passed on generation after generation by master craftsmen. Craftsmen, who have toiled to harmonize modern piano making techniques with traditional ones, ensure the pianos remains an ongoing legacy.


Performance series

The grand and upright pianos are now manufactured by the Yichang Jinbao Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co Ltd in China based on the German WILH.STEINBERG design, crafting techniques and technologies.

We are proud to have the best Upright piano P125E model and Grand Piano P178 model available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about these great pianos on budget price.


Steinberg P125E Upright Piano

The p125e is the largest p-series upright piano from Wilh.Steinberg. It has large acoustic chamber and high end ABEL hammers made in Germany that delivers greater volume and depth. It’s mountain full spruce soundboard and high quality hand made bass string are made to the highest standard on such a budget price. It is perfect choice for any progressing musician. Price: RM18,500


  • Outstanding  balanced touch
  • Hand finished in Eisenberg
  • FLEMMING-Action
  • Solid wood keys
  • Full Spruce soundboard
  • Abel German hammer Heads
  • Dimensions: 152 (D) × 124 (W) × 59 (H)


Steinberg P178 Grand Piano

Price: RM53,000

Dimensions: 178 (D) × 155 (W) × 101(H)