used yamaha piano malaysiaTorakusu Yamaha, the founder of Yamaha built its first reed organs with Yamaha name in 1887. Yamaha has good consistent quality control of his pianos despite being the largest piano producers in the world. Japanese piano industry has grown and achieved reputation as master piano builders, just like their car industry (from yesterday’s Toyotas to today’s Lexuses).

Yamaha has extremely broad spectrum of piano models at different price models to cater buyers of all requirements and budgets. However, when a piana model is very successful at certain market category, they tend to stick to the model for a long time and that is why buyers can still get the model they want on the used market (although it may be possibly re-labelled).

Although Yamaha offers pianos of different grades and prices, used Grand Pianos or Baby Grands can generally be classified into three different classes: started with Yamaha G series (standard home model) followed by Yamaha C Series (for serious musicians) and lastly the best Yamaha CF series (for concert or artists).

As for the Vertical Pianos, models like Yamaha U1 and U3 are among the best favorites upright pianos for pianists while well known studio piano models used in schools are Yamaha UX and YUX series. All used grand and upright pianos are restored to like-new condition, comes with warranty and has its serial number engraved on the body. If you are confused over the broad piano models and don’t know where to start, relax! Just contact us and we will share with you the information you need at no cost.

Yamaha piano brand has earned it credibility on product quality and services over the years, their pianos are used in schools, universities, churches, on stage, recording studio and at homes. If you are a pianist, trust your ears when choosing the right piano model you need and don’t just look at the price tag or brand. Shall you need an experience pianist to go along with you for a piano try out, we do provide this sort of service at minimal fee.

Editor's Tip
Yamaha has a big spectrum of piano models including budget series, be earful when testing the piano and don’t buy solely for the brand name. Yamaha piano produces brighter sound as compared to Kawai.